Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Poor Filipinos

The above expression can have one or more of the following understandings: One, it is a big and deep lamentation about the pervasive poverty and misery the People of the Philippines are immersed in. Two, it is a big worry on the pitiful plight of the Filipinos under the rule of the present administration that is known for many things except competence and industry. Three, it is a sad expression of the big disregard and profound indifference the people are undergoing during reigning and ruling government.

Let it be said outright that the above heading has reference to the third understanding above forwarded. In other words, yes, a big majority of the Filipinos are poor and miserable and the present administration has become an expert in declamation but basically zero in effective action and executive function but over and above these, there is the distinct errant as well as erratic fact about the ruling government that cries to heaven for vengeance.

There are certain signal and terrible truths that make Filipinos not only poor but also fools. For example: They are taxed from birth to death. They are fooled by a good amount of technical jargon and official blah-blah. They are inundated by laws that are not implemented. There are heinous crimes daily here and there. Killing people has become customary, be these by downright murders or summary executions. Thievery has become customary.

More. The salaries of workers are meager as always but the cost of living is ever increasing. They work much but get paid little. More. They eat little but spend much. Public utilities are infallibly paid for while public services are automatically priced. Basic goods as well as basic necessities cost more and more as the days pass by. It is thus not altogether false to say that only human lives have become cheaper by the day – the same way that women and children become buy and sell business materials.

But there is one particularly blatant reality that validates the cry “Poor Filipinos!” And as usual, this has something to do with the disgusting kind of politics in the country plus the equally disgusting number of politicians they have. There is one concrete and official, glaring and infuriating phenomenon that was recently published on how much money a Senator of Poor Filipinos get – such as for the year 2012: A grand total of Php45,041,316.24 in favor of a Senator who seems not only unable to speak English but also cannot understand serious Tagalog. And there is the topnotch Senator who got a grand total of Php123,457,526.16…

Poor Filipinos!