Friday, March 28, 2014


Dated 9 July 2013, the following conversations allegedly took place among certain individuals, a marriage licensing clerk and the latter's chief as published in the social media -- with no offense of any kind meant towards anybody at all:

Tim, Jim Jones: We want to get married. Clerk: Are you related? Tim, Jim Jones: Yes. We are brothers. Clerk: You cannot get married. Tim, Jim Jones: Why not? Are you giving Marriage Licenses to a same sex couple? Clerk: Yes, but you two getting married is incest. Tim, Jim Jones: No. We cannot copulate. You are denying our right to get married just because we are a straight couple. Clerk: Well, ok. Next.

John, Jane, Robert, June: We want to get married. Clerk: But there are four of you. John, Jane, Robert, June: So you are discriminating against bisexuals. Clerk: Marriage is only between two individuals. John, Jane, Robert, June: You are denying equal human rights as protected by the Constitution. Clerk: Well, ok. Next.

David: I want marry myself. Clerk: But you are only one. Marriage is for a couple. Where is your partner? David: That's what's wrong with you. You only see me but not the other me. Clerk: Where is the other? David: My psychiatrist says that I have a dual personality. So its I and me who are getting married. Clerk: Well, ok. I quit!

Boss: What? You cannot quit! You have a duty to serve others. Clerk: Why? Do I not also have the right to do what is right? Boss: Your rights are what the law says. Clerk: But the law should say what is right -- not what is wrong. Boss: Why? What is wrong with same sex marriage? Clerk: The parts do not fit. Boss: What is wrong with an incestuous marriage? Clerk: The Mental Hospitals become full of patients. Boss: What is wrong with a group marriage? Clerk: You do not know who is what. Boss: What is wrong with someone marrying oneself? Clerk: He needs a psychiatrist, not a marriage license. Boss: Well, ok. I quit, too.

So is it that what goes up, goes down -- not what goes down goes up.So it is the present becomes the past - not the past becoming the present. So it is that a man is meant fora woman -- not a man for a man nor a woman for a woman. And so it is that the law of man may provide otherwise - but not the law of nature. When human law says the contrary, natural law does not change. It is bad when a man fools another man, but it is worse when a man fools himself. There are realities that cling to a man although he might want to get rid of them. There are truths that stay put although a man might want them changed. They outlast human life.

So it is that just it is man who brings about social order, it is also man who is the author of social disorder. In the same way, it is man that sows the seeds of peace and it is also man who brings about the reasons for war. Would that such were but fantasies, fallacies, falsities. But they are not.