Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Here we go again!

It is not really irrelevant much less irreverent to start with a very natural phenomenon, a rather very simple reality which hopefully is elementary enough such that even the incumbent highly intelligent and much capable national leadership could understand. Question: What is it all about? Answer: Chickens! Yes, it is about hens and roosters. It goes this way:

When already of the right age, aware of themselves and conscious of their nature – not before – there is the hen walking around, eating this and that tidbit. And there, too, is the rooster accompanying her going here and there. So it was until the rooster steps on the hen and the hen sits down to accommodate the rooster. So the mating goes until the hen realizes she is on the way to motherhood – and the rooster understandably leaves her in peace.

In due time, the hen then carefully lays her eggs, one by one and dutifully sits on them until the time her chicks come to fore. The mama hen thereafter closely accompanies them, leading them where there is good to eat and water to drink. So it goes until the time comes when her chicks are grown up to be on their own, eventually leaving their mama hen alone. Lo and behold, it is only after the hen is left alone by her chicks for these to be their own, that the rooster reappears. And this is also when the hen allows the rooster to be once again by her side for possible mating once again. And the cycle goes on – as plain, as simple, and as natural as it can be.

Yet, in various systems and means, through different tricks and tactics, the wise, brilliant, and even apparently prayerful MalacaƱang occupant – with its faithful allies with proper incentives – wants to make it appear that chickens are better that humans when it comes what is right and proper in mating, how, and what to do when they consummate their relationship. Men and women, husbands and wives, should have as few children as possible – if not to avoid having children altogether – according to whatever unnatural anti-natalist ways and/or artificial contraceptive means. Make the chickens and the ducks, the cows and the carabaos multiply as many as possible. But Filipinos should become as few as possible. They are the problem with no solution. They are no solution to any problem.

So. Here we go again! Implement the Population Control Law. Advertise condoms as much as possible. Make contraceptives available even in convenient stores. Induce young boys and girls to enjoy their sexes as much as possible. Make husbands and wives use their right to copulate while forgetting their obligation to be accountable for it. Legitimize the Same Sex Marriage as no children will ever be born there from. The fewer children there are, so, too, is less rice needed to feed them. The fewer the Filipinos there are, the richer and happier they become, the better government they have, the more honest and dedicated public officials there are. Really?