Monday, March 17, 2014

“Faith Healing”

It might be good to know and to remember that behind the commonly used and often heard phrase “Faith Healing” are three basic, obvious, and signal factors that are therein readily assumed – without the common tao probably being aware of their respective major significance and pursuant implications: One, “Faith.” Two, “Healing.” Three, “Healer.” This is the essential tripod of “Faith Healing,” the falsity, impropriety and/or fallacy in any of which constitutive footing makes a mockery of the whole phenomenon.

Faith”: This is certainly not mere credulity or readily believing anything but for merely personal reason or egoistic cause. Much less is it simply superstition, admiration or but subscribing to something practical, useful or profitable to hold on to. Faith is nothing less than a consistent and firm belief in God upon whom the believer appends his/her love and reposes his/her hope. And in the genuine Christian faith, there is but One and Holy, Omnipotent and Omniscient God.

Healing”: This has strict reference to any serious physical sickness or severe mental illness – not merely any physiological discomfort or a little pain, simply an emotional hurt or affective ache of one kind of another. As far as the Church is concerned, miraculous healing demands three definite and defined factors: First, the sickness is serious. Second, the sick has not gone to any physician nor has taken any medicine. Third, the cure is instant and permanent. All these or there is actually no healing in the right and proper sense of term.

Healer”: This reference to the character, behavior, and disposition of healing individual. His/her strong faith and living belief in God – not on himself/herself. His/her humility and sincerity – not triumphal claims and/or egoistic behavior. No heroic thoughts, no false pretences, no grandiose visions, no magnificent projections. And most of all, no money consideration for any personal intentions.

It is not only strange but also amusing that practically all religious sects and denominations, specially in the Philippines, has “Faith Healing” as a centerpiece of their regular gatherings. And it is thus also expected that for one reason or another, this and that attendee get “healed.” Thereafter, the occasion is infallibly ended by a general collection as a sign of thanksgiving.

And just for the record, herein the Philippines there comes to fore and fame every now and then, this and that “Healing Priest.” Being a Catholic country, it is quite easy for them to get their followers, their admirers and supporters. But for one reason or another, they ultimately disappear by leaving the country. Interesting but true.