Friday, March 21, 2014

Charter Change or Administration Change?

Comparison is not odious when it becomes necessary to make the right choice. Comparison is neither obnoxious when sound reason dictates that there is an imperative to point out what is true or false. And comparison is now dutifully called for when it has become an open secret that the Administration wants the Constitution changed – here and there. The alleged reasons for the “Cha-Cha” or something similarly sickening, are basically the following: One, the much needed socio-economic development of the country is in effect barred by the constitution. Two, the long standing national poverty and misery of the Filipinos are caused by the Constitution, one way or another. Three, the desired progress of the Philippines in the future, remains dim if not really hopeless also because of the Constitution.

It is on record that the chosen group of people who drew the 1978 Constitution was known for their integrity and intelligence, for their love of people and country. Their persons are respectable, their names are honorable. Question: Who are now the Government officials – their trustworthiness and competence – who want the constitution changed?!

It is provided by the same Constitution that the government shall promote the common good, shall conserve and develop the people’s patrimony, affirm the rule of law and ascertain the regime of truth, justice, and freedom. Question: What has the Government done about such fundamental social imperatives?!

It is enshrined in the said Constitution that the State recognizes the sanctity of family life, shall ascertain the protection of the life of the unborn from the moment of conception. Question: How has the Administration fared in responding to such pivotal moral and political agenda with the passages of Population Control Law that sees people as the cause of national want?

The truth is that the Administration talks much, does little, cares even less. This is an open secret.

The reality is that the Administration has done its job well only in collecting more and more taxes. What it does with public funds is well-known.

The fact is that the Administration is dividing the national territory by mysterious agreements with chosen allies. Mindanao knows this.

After four long years of bungled regime plus two more years of unsettling reign, which should be changed: The Charter or the Administration?