Wednesday, February 26, 2014


There are times when one cannot but admire certain people in government who are bent not only in “correcting traditions” and “advancing culture” but also in “modernizing life” – notwithstanding all rational arguments and ethical norms to the contrary. The fact is that some legislators -- while holding on to their Filipino citizenship, recognizing their Filipino parents, eating Filipino foods and will most probably be buried in Filipino soil when they die -- are focused at enacting laws that are foreign in value system. So is it that with or without them knowing the immediate implications and eventual consequences of their legislative options and pursuant attempts, below are some of the Bills that are filed in Congress – with their amoral contents and intent:

HB00337: “AN ACT PROVIDING GRANTS TO INSTITUTE PROJECTS TO PROVIDE EDUCATION ON PREVENTING TEEN PREGNANCIES.” That their elders should form the conscience of young people to hold the human sexuality of one another with deference, to understand and appreciate the nature and finalities of marriage – this is not simply right and proper but also right and just. But providing their education for the prevention of teen pregnancies, this is altogether something else. The main question that begs for straight answer is how is it prevented for sure and what should be done specifically done when pregnancy becomes a reality?

HB03179: “AN ACT GOVERNING PROPERTY OWNERSHIP OF COUPLES SAME SEX LIVING TOGETHER.” It is quite interesting to note well that the Bill in effect says and affirms the following dubious phenomena: One, that two individuals of the same sex living together is openly presumed. Two, that the same sex marriage is thus a virtual reality. Three, that the pertinent contrary provisions of the Philippine Constitution and Family Code of the Philippines will then have to be revised to the contrary – if not altogether abrogated or effectively done away with.

HBO3243: “AN ACT PROHIBITING DISCRIMINATION ON THE BASIS OF… GENDER IDENTITY AND EXPRESSIONS.” Discrimination among human is wrong, improper, and unjust – in line with the meaning and spirit of the saying, “All men/women are created equal.” There are obvious and standing differences between men and women. But to consider that any and all expression of one’s gender has to be accepted and honored, this is altogether something else. The real and true content and intent of the bill is to accept same sex relationship, culminating with a law sanctioning same sex marriage.