Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hardness of Heart, Source of Discord

It was not long after the national elections. People were rejoicing for the choice of a new President, especially so on the occasion of this inauguration accompanied by a promising resolves for a promising speech with many promising resolves for a promising tomorrow for the country. Not long after, the first challenging event in three chapters took place: Luneta Hostage Crisis which became the Luneta Hostage Massacre which became the Luneta Hostage Shame.

Practically the whole world, watched the deadly event through its well televised coverage from beginning to end. Such was especially true in Hong Kong because the victims of the disgusting episode from beginning to end were young and elderly tourists there from. They came to the Philippines for joy and relaxation, anticipating pleasant times and memorable experience. But what took place was exactly the opposite: Their tourist bus was hijacked and then brought to Luneta. It began with but one gun drawn by one man. Later on, many guns were drawn by many men. Much later, one gun was fired and some tourists were killed. Not much later, many guns were fired and practically all tourists were killed. The bus was even burned. The remains of the tourists were later on flown back to Hong Kong. Happy they left their homes. Dead they returned thereto.

It was no secret at all that the policemen concerned bungled their task, demonstrated their helplessness – not to mention their ignorance on how to do their job in such a precarious situation. So it was that instead of bringing the Hong Kong tourists to safety, these instead suffered from senseless and cruel deaths.

A day or so after, the President accompanied by a Department Secretary went to Luneta to visit the burned tourist bus. With his typical smile, he looked at the wreckage – and then went back to Palace. And that was it.

No sorrow was seen. No pity was expressed. No “sorry” was said.

And thus it is to this date. No sorrow felt for the long and intense suffering of the helpless tourists. No sorrow was expressed for the innocent and defenseless tourists killed with neither remorse nor mercy. No sorrow mentioned to the loving and grieving relatives the tourists left behind. No sorrow extended to their government committed to the welfare and safety of the citizens.

So it is that a distinct hardness of heart is exhibited. So it is that such is now the source of progressive discord. So it is that thousands of OFWs in Hong Kong are worried about their future. When his underlings commit a gross and moral blunder, it is not but right and proper for their leader to say “Sorry!” There is a whale of difference between propriety and insensitivity, between reality and delusion.