Monday, February 24, 2014

Cloud 9 and Ground Reality

Happy and carefree is anyone who lives in Cloud 9 – looking but above, seeing nothing but the sunshine, breathing only fresh air. High up above there, the surrounding is really exquisite and delightful, the environ truly exquisite and fascinating. Up there, living is great, enjoyment is the main concern. There is only the present. What was the past and what will be the future are of no consequence. What matters is but enjoyment and ease, relaxing and being relaxed -- now and always. Such is a sterile world where everything is right and proper, great, and promising. There is much self-contentment, great personal satisfaction plus ego-adulation.

And such a Cloud 9 living is akin to life in a palace or within the palatial grounds. Here, everything is first class – not simply better but the very best it can be. In the palace, everything is dear and endearing, spotlessly clean and comfortable, not only very comforting but also very safe, very secure. It is specifically built and walled such that the outside world of hunger, poverty, and misery is unseen, unfelt and wherefore considered irrelevant. Blessed is anyone living in a palace, within its well kept and much guarded compound. The downright squatters, the under the bridge dwellers, those living by the canals and those sleeping in the streets – never mind.

The above radical contrast is neither but a fable nor merely a telenovela materials of one kind or another. It is living actuality. It is a standing fact here and now. So is it that the individual concerned who is so ego-centered, if not in effect delusional, becomes preoccupied with but himself, busy attending to his personal preferences, and keeping his name famous, his lineage glorious. Others? Never mind. There is much to attend to, much to be busy with – himself and his dynasty plus ever faithful allies.

Such an individual is up there somewhere, seeing great visions and making great resolves, expressing glowing pronouncements and forwarding endearing predictions. Such a personality appears altruistic in gestures and expressions. He thinks very highly of himself and feels as God’s gift to people. The on-the-ground reality, however, is exactly the opposite. He is the misfortune and liability of the people – although he sees himself as their savior and redeemer. He is a positivist – not a realist.

So is it that up there in Cloud 9, everything is great and wonderful although multi-millions on the ground are suffering from want and hunger, from sickness and death. A super-super socio-economic growth on paper is seen and proclaimed – refusing to accept the real and big social malady that it is but the rich who are becoming richer while the poor as usual are becoming poorer. Clapping long and loud has become customary when there is excellent approval rating in paper but there is downright refusal to accept exactly the contrary in cold reality.

Such is the exact picture of the great dissonance between living in “Cloud 9” and while refusing to accept “Ground Reality.”