Monday, January 20, 2014

“PERHAPS. PERHAPS. PERHAPS.” (“Quizas. Quizas. Quizas.”)

There is a rather well known song in Spanish with the above equivalent title in English. The singer wants to deny the truth, to console himself and play it safe by deliberately attempting to excuse someone who has neither care nor consideration for his affections and intention. He knows the truth but prefers not to face it. He knows the fact yet pretends to be unaware of it.

In the same way, when the Head of State gives statements, when the government makes claims, when the administration forwards allegations, and pronouncements that are either doubtful or altogether false, when such assertions are neither here nor there, the most kind response is “Perhaps”. This is the safest word used either in order not to anger those making the contentions and/or for the respondents to play safe. Result: There is peace in the air although there is trouble on the ground. There is contentment in the clouds while there is resentment in the streets. Examples:

The Head of State has and continuous to have a high approval rating, high appreciation grading. Perhaps.

The government is doing its best for the common good, for the public welfare of the people. Perhaps.

The administration is succeeding in eradicating poverty and criminality in the country. Perhaps.

The alms giving in terms of the “Conditional Cash Transfer” is the assurance of prosperity in the local, regional, and national levels. Perhaps.

There is justice, peace, and development in the country plus consequent contentment of the people. Perhaps.

The prices of basic consumer commodities are low and stable compared to the big salaries of the workers. Perhaps.

The taxes levied on the people are so little compared to the big public good and services rendered to them. Perhaps.

The cost of fuel and electricity, the insurance premiums are low compared to the many and big benefits they give to the people. Perhaps.

The phenomenon of graft and corrupt practices in and out of the government is a thing of the past. Perhaps.

The People of the Philippines never had it so good in abundance, contentment, and accord. Perhaps.

Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps.