Monday, January 06, 2014

“Daang Matuwid” – A Comedy, A Farce, A Hypocrisy

Read it forward or backward, say it with a straight or twisted face, whisper it softly of shout it aloud, the reality is exactly the same: The Presidential initial and proud propaganda of his allegedly administrative integrity and decency in governance expressed in terms of “Daang Matuwid,” “Matuwid na Daan” – or whatever – slowly but surely proved to be but a big joke, a pitiful hurrah, an empty claim. Would that it were otherwise – but truth knows no party in the same way that objective reality does not give in but to wishful thinking.

No. This is not really about the buying of Congress and the purchase of the Senate to pass a preferential Bill of Malacañang and to pronounce an impeachment of a Chief Justice for daring to rule against the unconscionable long standing hold by a famous family on an infamous Hacienda. This is neither about the long standing graft and on-going corrupt practices in the different branches and agencies of the government. This is not even about that shameless PDAF scam that brought about the deadly “Super Napoles” exploded at the eve of the past year to drive the evil spirits away. Neither is this about the infamous DAP that is now poised to fund a Fiscal Dictatorship by the Executive Department.

Yes. This is about an initially much welcomed presidential pledge of honor and rectitude in the running of the Philippine government that is day-in and day-out literally paid for by the People of the Philippines all year round, through ever increasing taxes exacted from the citizens not only for the purchase of basic consumer goods but even for the use of public utilities. Such would be somehow still a welcomed taxation scheme if only the government were really for the people – not simply for the enrichment of public officials from the local to the national levels plus for their continuous and tight hold of power for eventual passing on to their relatives.

And yes, this is about fast proliferation of official and even upgraded professional gambling in the country – courtesy of the present administration. It is not enough that even the illegal gambling known as Jueteng is now de facto legal. Much less is it enough to promote the already infamous PAGCOR that crawled and operate in all parts of the country frequented by native and foreign gambling moguls. So it is that the following gambling corporations are “Coming Soon” to the Philippines: The Kazuo Okada’s Universal Entertainment Corporation. The Enrique Razon’s Bloomberry Reports. The Melco Crown Entertainment – Belle Corporation. The Andrew Tan-Genting Group. Other gambling capitalists are on their way in avid response to the jingle that “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

“DAANG MATUWID”? Come on! Be real!