Monday, January 13, 2014


To his critics who are certainly not becoming fewer in number nor less in discontent as time passes by to its hopefully predestined political conclusion on 2016, no less than the otherwise honorable, illustrious, and esteemed His Excellency the President of the Republic of the Philippines was reported to have said the above quoted response – in Filipino – in response to their loud complaints with accompanying anger in conjunction with his perceived errant if not erratic governance: “Let the Lord take care of you, I am busy.”

It is rather hard to conclude that the above quoted presidential remark was on account of his vibrant faith in God, his strong belief in Divine Providence. It is also difficult to assume that such a statement is an expression of understanding and concern for the good and welfare of those who now distrust him and bewail his perceived incompetence in leadership that could be anything but pro-people, much less pro-poor. So is it that in the dire absence of decent work in the country, millions of Filipino men and women now desperately pin their hopes for a less miserable life by working abroad as OFWs, notwithstanding the physical and moral dangers of such an option – not to mention the painful separation from their families.

It is also quite difficult to say that the same presidential remark was really meant for the hope and consolation of the really suffering and wherefore desperately complaining people. Among other things, the claim “Busy ako” is rather hard to take seriously. Many things can be said about His Excellency the President of the Republic of the Philippines – but it would be truly hard to attribute diligence and industry to him in his way of living, in his style of governing. Otherwise, those vacations he took and continues to have supposedly upon the advice of his physician – not to mention his mysterious disappearance every now and then – can be anything but affirm the allegation of his being a busy man.

It is easier to conclude wherefore that the unfortunate comment was both an admission and display of insensitivity, an expression of thoughtlessness along the line of “So what?”, “I don’t care!”, “Get out of my way.” Thus it is that most probably, the spontaneous and thus extempore statement, in fact revealed the cold and uncaring reality behind the standard presidential smiles here and there, attempting to forward a kind and caring self.

As it is said – and rightly so – a fish is caught by its mouth. In other words, keeping quiet at times is more prudent way of facing unfavorable situations and unflattering remarks. But then, who is courageous and honest enough to advice His Excellency, the President of the Republic of the Philippines! That would be sacrilegious!