Friday, December 20, 2013

What’s Going On?

In the past weeks or so, there seems to be less and less positive events but more and more negative news that were noticed and noted. No, this is not about any devastating typhoon nor any destructive earthquake. Yes, this is all about the many doings and even more nothing doing of the present administration. No, this is not really intended to downgrade the performance of the Malacañang occupant but merely to call attention to some rather disquieting phenomena that a good number of knowledgeable Filipinos are worried about.

The former aura of the President has eventually gone and ultimately vanished. The adulation of the general public due to his revered parental origin – not really on account of his own person – has stopped, disappeared. More and more liabilities are now appended to this person. In the same way, more and more negatives are noted in his leadership. This is why as a matter of course, his approval ratings are on the way down. This is the reality – unless a well paid “Survey” comes along and reverses his popular depreciation, one way or another.

There is now the relatively long standing perceived and accepted reality as who the “boss” really is, and whose servant-hood in fact. Big, medium, and small rallies here and there. Loud and silent protests now and then. Ugly effigy burnings in this and that occasion. And nowhere is it in sight that people – specially the poor, the helpless plus the victims of criminality and targets of atrocities – are about to keep quiet and stay still.

With the advent of the PDAF scam – a disastrous and scandalous event – the DAP is now undergoing judicial scrutiny as to its constitutionality, and the Office of the President has become a target and a suspect.

1. There are meetings and consultations about his possible “Impeachment”. Reason: His use precisely of a Fund contrary to the Constitution.

2. There are perceptions and convictions about his “Fiscal Dictatorship,” considering that there are so much public funds that are his personal disposal.

3. There are these and those individuals with either political experience or expertise in political analysis who suspects that an “Emergency Rule” is in the making.

Meantime, there is this and that well funded presidential travel. There is always great news brought back there from by the traveling chief. There is still this and that ever faithful, ever true members of the KKK circle. And as a matter of course, there are the Yellow Ribbon continuously bowing allies and followers for reasons of convenience rather than conviction.

What’s going on? Now, you know!