Friday, December 27, 2013

“Stop the Killing of Journalists”

Such was the recent and emphatic, clear, and loud shouts of people from Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao. In particular, such is the lamentation and plea made by the families and friends of murdered journalists – murders that have been long since going on the Philippines. Such is also the anger and disgust registered by the public in general, when journalists are readily eliminated for saying and/or writing the truth – about individuals who are not exactly known for their sanctity in promoting what is proper, true, and just in Philippine society.

One thing really exasperating in this country is the infamous phenomenon that after the assassination of these and those journalists, the atrocity is usually followed by three standard disgusting chapters: Chapter 1: Investigation is done. Chapter 2: More investigation is done. Chapter 3: Much more investigation is done. And that’s it! It is enough to recall the “Maguindanao Massacre” where many journalists were nonchalantly killed and unceremoniously buried – as a matter of course. Some four years later, the investigation still goes on and on and…

Truth is something dangerous and wherefore hated by those guilty of graft and corrupt practices, of depravity and perversion, of vicious behavior and criminal acts. These are antisocial individuals who enjoy living not only errant but also erratic lives. And precisely because they live in lies and survive through hypocrisy, they hate the truth. Woe to anyone who dare expose their real selves and savage persons – especially when the truth about them is publicly revealed by journalists.

Killing is such a horrible act against anyone that among the 10 Commandments, one of these is precisely, “Thou shall not kill.” In fact, even the killing of oneself through suicide is covered by the said Mandate. Among other salient truths that exalt life, it is good to think of the following big celebration of life – all intimately connected with the life of Christ:

First, there is the birth of Christ – the centerpiece of Christmas that the Filipinos in particular avidly celebrate.

Second, there is the celebration of the “Holy Innocents Day” – little children who innocently protected life of the newly born Christ.

Third, there is the Resurrection of Christ which is an affirmation of life – the singular celebration of life.

“Stop the killing of journalists” has a profound significance in the intrinsic value of life, has intrinsic relevance to the proclamation of truth!