Wednesday, December 18, 2013

PPP – Public Enemy

After coming from a trip abroad during his early tenure of Office, the President of the Philippine democratic and republican State, with pride and pomp announced a supposedly creative and innovative economic venture for immediate adoption in the country under the then cryptic title of “PPP” – translation as practically every Juan, Pedro, and Jose now know too well: “Public-Private-Partnership”. It was then novel and enigmatic. But surely and slowly, it showed its devious nature, questionable intent and consequent covetous objective, and the over-all effect of public-private economic machination is devouring and already meager resources of the people and taking advantage of the social weakness of the poor.

Private companies are funded by private capital with the over-all intention of making and enjoying private profits – the more, the better. There is nothing either novel or complex about such a reality. In other words, it would be both foolish and futile to seek out any private business enterprise that is really intended for public gains, truly meant for public welfare. Private businesses are put up by private funds for private gains in favor of the private capitalists. It is as plain and simple as that. Such companies, enterprises or businesses can be anything but purely charitable or altruistic in intents and purposes.

Public utilities, on the other hand, are for public use and benefit, for public good and concern. And this is because they are purposely established and altogether financed by public funds demanded by the government from the citizens by force of law. In plain language, said public funds come in form of taxes of many kinds and for many reasons that the government decidedly and continuously collects from people – rich and poor alike, from birth to death. To mention a few, in addition to direct taxes, they are also indirect taxes. There are furthermore the so-called “Value Added Taxes” as well as the thus titled “Sin Taxes.” In other words, it is the people who pay for public utilities for to respond to their public need, public use, and benefit.

Then came the infamous and detestable, demanding, and covetous PPP – courtesy of this insensitive and self-serving government. So it is that: Certain power sources and water are PPP enterprises. Some public transportation and highways are PPP ventures. So it is that even public hospitals are now being considered to be converted into PPP entities. And the people? Make them pay more and more – for the use of public utilities already financed by public funds taken from the general public.

Philippine government, where are you going? Filipino people, what are you doing?