Monday, December 09, 2013

Philippine Government VS Filipino People

This is not only a sad phenomenon but also a lamentable reality. It is already bad enough for people when their government is doing nothing for them, playing deaf to their needs, being dumb to their pleas – while continuously taxing their meager earnings. In the Philippines, people already take it as a matter of course that they have a government run by many public officials – representing the government – who precisely prey on them to finance their shameless greed, to fill their local and foreign bank accounts by customary graft and corrupt practices. And to be told by the Philippine Constitution that sovereignty resides in the people – this is not merely a big joke but actually a grave insult.

To be told that their government represented by dynastic politicians is for their common good, for their public welfare of the people – this is exactly the opposite of ground reality. The truth is that is has been long since difficult to find poor politicians, poor high ranking government officials. So is it that many public agencies run by highly paid public officials and paid very well by public funds, are instead managed for their private good, for their private interests, for their private welfare. Meantime, so many Filipinos have no jobs – and those who have, are continuously begging for just wages.

So much money is continuously and forcibly taken by the government from the people through direct and indirect taxes from the rich and the poor alike, from their birth to death. Basic public utilities are now run by capitalists for their own profit instead of serving to the general public. When people use water to take a shower, to wash their clothes, they pay taxes. When they use fuel to run their cars, to cook their food, they pay taxes. When they use electricity to light their houses, to hopefully drive thieves away, they pay taxes. When people buy consumer goods, when families eat at fast food chains, they pay taxes.

If the Philippines is poor, if the Filipinos are miserable, if families live by the canals and under the bridges, when even old people have to work and when children beg at the streets – then, some questions come to mind. Where are the many and different products of agriculture? Where is the wealth of the sea? Where are the precious minerals of the land? Where is the fuel under the soil? More. Where are the billions of pesos raked in by GOCC Gambling Corporations all over the country, all the hours of the day? Where are the monies demanded for the use of expressed highways, back and forth?

It is because of its well-known questionable integrity and honesty that some foreign governments would rather give goods and render services directly to the typhoon Yolanda victims, instead of giving cash donations thought the Philippine Government? Is this why local corporations prefer to solicit donations in cash and kind, and likewise deliver these directly to the same victims, instead of coursing these to the Philippine Government? And this is also why private individuals rather trust the Philippine Red Cross with their donations rather than entrust their contributions to the Philippine government? The heading “Philippine Government VS Filipino People" is not but fiction.