Wednesday, December 11, 2013

ENEMIES OF DEMOCRACY (Simple Questions and Simple Answers)

While many volumes of scholastic treatises plus numerous technical books are in fact already written about democracy – its nature, attributions, consequences, etc. etc. – for serious studies and pursuant impressive diplomas, it is neither futile nor inutile to think and speak about democracy in a more plain language and more practical considerations as well. Below are some simple questions with likewise simple answers meant for simple people to think about in a simple way:

Question 1: What is democracy?

It is government freely and decidedly put up by the people, owned by the people and intended for the good of the people. The key elements of democracy are the people, their freedom, and their common good.

Question 2: What are the premises of democracy?

The freedom, equality, and sovereignty of the people – these are the premises or basic tripod of democracy. Without anyone of them and democracy becomes but nice word, a pleasing thought. But a reality, it is not.

Question 3: What are the enemies of democracy?

Poverty does not make people free. Ignorance neither gives them freedom to think and rightfully act. Deception is another enemy of democracy. Without livelihood, education and tenure of truth, people cannot be free.

Question 4: Is there a democracy in the Philippines?

In form, yes. In substance, no. Reasons: When people are in fact fooled by their government, are victims of graft and corrupt practices by their public officials, are made pawns in political battles, democracy there is none.

Question 5: What are the agendas for a democratic Philippines?

The cleansing of the government from depraved public officials, the freeing of the country from lawlessness, the institutionalization of justice, peace and development – these are the key agendas for democracy in the Philippines.

If the people of the Philippines either consider the above questions and answers as but foolishness or think of them as but poetry, then let them accept – please! – that their country is anything but really free and truly democratic. The truth may be painful and wherefore unwelcome. But truth it remains.