Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Something is considered “damaged” when it is ruined, spoiled, and wasted. And someone is held “damaged” when the individual concerned is flawed, maladjusted, and dysfunctional. In any case, just as when something spoiled has to be repaired or changed, so it is that when someone is impaired, the same has to be set aside and replaced. There is nothing neither complex nor profound on how to respond in the presence of such dismaying liability – especially so when no less than a country or a people would be the pitiful victims thereof unless the proper action is decidedly taken.

The truth of the matter is that there are damages of many kinds that come about in many ways and in many places, all of which not only destroy material assets but also do away with human lives. There is no need to mention the provincial damage caused by a group of individuals who were armed to the teeth, killed people and burned houses for an old and dubious cause. There was also the recent strong earthquake that damaged practically everything that was on its way, structures and persons alike. And lately, there was the infamous super typhoon which likewise super damaging effect brought the Philippines to the humane and caring attention of the world that still has a heart for suffering humanity.

But upon a more sober thought and a more solid on-the-ground conclusion, there is in fact a more damaging reality with much more disastrous effect to the country as a whole – very much more than all the above mentioned exceptional calamities combined. The glaring adverse consequences of such a distinct destructive factor are deep in effect and nationwide in scope. It is definitely something that will keep the people in the quagmire of misery and the curse of helplessness – in the event that it is not duly addressed, acted upon and accordingly resolved.

A good number of Filipinos already felt it somehow, already knew it in a way, some three years ago. But much more Filipinos these days have already come to the conclusion that the unfortunate and lamentable matter should be openly and boldly addressed and acted upon – less the some three more years still remaining would lead them to a practically irreparable damage nationwide. Would that they will not pretend to “See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing,” and wherefore, “Do nothing,” as well.

So it is that quite recently, nothing less than an expressed and clear article was written by a known journalist and published in a squally known broadsheet – under the following heading: “P-Noy” ‘Incompetent’ and ‘Insensitive’”. Irrespective of what the author meant what he wrote down – either with a less or more conviction – the heading of the article forwards a serious message. And this is certainly not the first time that something the like came out in tri-media. And certainly, too, it will neither be the last time.

Sad but true!