Wednesday, December 25, 2013


“Father, we are filled with the new light by the coming of your Son among us. May the light of faith shine in our words and actions.”

So goes the prayer for the Day of Christmas – a prayer that is making the rounds in all the big and small, plain, and Cathedral Churches in the whole Christian world from sunrise to sunset. While the prayer is admittedly simple in content and intent, it might be good to take better notice of the following:

Father”: It is definitely not a small thing, a minor reality for man to say and address God Himself as “Father”. This becomes reasonable and acceptable because Christ precisely taught man the prayer “Our Father.”

New Light”: It is great for man that some two thousand years ago, the transit from the old age of wrong beliefs to the coming of Christ bringing with Him and proclaiming the new and true Christian faith.

Your Son”: For having been born in the human form, the Christ becomes Son of the Father – without in any way shedding his Divine Nature as the Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Light of Faith”: Faith which is belief in God, enlightens man about the real distinction between truth and falsity, between right and wrong, especially so about the distinction between virtue and vice.

Words and Actions”: Someone’s words and actions are the best means not only for him to speak, act, and live his faith but also to testify to others its reality and genuineness, the truth, and good it brings.

Christ, Christmas, Christians -- these are three inseparable realities as they connote or imply one another although each of them has its own proper nature, appropriate implications, and consequences. The anniversary of the birth of “Christ” is the fundamental meaning and central content of “Christmas”. And Christ that brought about Christmas is the origin of the people called “Christians” who accept the teachings of Christ. So essentially, intimately, and irremediably interconnected they are such that one without the other is neither historical nor true. It is for this reason that Christmas is a good occasion for Christians to remember to follow Christ – to understand His doctrine, to observe his instructions, and to listen to His advisories.

May we all have a truly Blessed Christmas!