Friday, December 06, 2013

“ARM” (Aquino Resign Movement)

No. This is not simply about PDAF and DAP, nor merely about Malampaya Fund plus the Presidential Social Fund, much less has it something to do with a possible impeachment of big honcho for violation of the Constitution. And much less is it merely about the perplexing order or seven jet fighters supposedly to defend the country wallowing in poverty and reeling in misery. Yes. This is about a much more serious matter.

Right or wrong, there are more and more unacceptable government options and supposedly official actions that are deemed not only questionable but erratic even – without rhyme or reason. Good or bad, there are wherefore more and more people who look at the present government as a big liability to the country and its people. So it is that more and more people and organizations that have been frankly and openly expressing their rejection of the incumbent government leader.

As an expression of the above increasing popular discontent, recourse is being taken to the use of the social media – a phenomenon that is admittedly becoming more and more popular just as it is becoming more and more influential among Filipino citizens, foreigners included. So it is that there are now no less than three sites that are in effect meant for people to register their avid objection – not to say downright distrust and big disgust – towards the Chief-in-Command of the government. In candid words and clear language, they want him out of the scene.

The essence of the outcry can be summed up in three words: Incompetence. Insensitiveness. Instability. In general, these are liabilities that are detestable on the part of leaders and fatal on the part of those led. It is becoming more and more definite and defined that more popularity is anything but a credential for leadership. So it is that the matter of citizenship, age plus the ability to read and write, are not enough for the tenure of any public office – from the local to the national level, considering that more are required even from elementary school teachers. More. Mere succession is certainly no credential for good governance, for able leadership. This is a long proven historical truth.

For the information of those interested in knowing what people have in mind about the present head of government, following are the three sites they can readily visit and they can register their own stance: