Monday, November 18, 2013

The World Extends a Helping Hand

Notwithstanding all its mortal costs to precious human lives, its destructive impact not only in complementary but also necessary temporal goods thus bringing about the consequent misery of millions of Filipinos who through no fault of their own, happen to be on the way of the worst typhoon so far registered in the modern times, it is, however, still consoling to note that it is the same killer and destructive phenomenon that proves the humanity of man-to-man. So it is that the people disabled by a ruinous typhoon are now being helped by able individuals, families, organization, and others. Surely, the basic universal Mandate of “Love your neighbor,” after all still remains written in the hearts of people.

It is no secret that in this country, there are many cases and numerous instances when public officials bring about public distress, undermine public welfare, and thereby instigate public disgust. And for sure, such errant and even erratic public scandal will continue to take place in the days yet to come. Meantime, however, typhoon “Yolanda” manages to halt such atrocious and shameful phenomena – even but for the time being. But more than that, it took a typhoon of such magnitude in destructive force to do away with the inhumanity of man-to-man, even but momentarily. The following are some of not simply consoling but also deeply inspiring and endearing facts taking place:

The truth that after all is said and done, it is still Divinity that humanity eventually seeks, needs, and ardently calls upon in times of helplessness, anguish, and desperation. God, who is close to man 24/7, understands that man usually becomes close to Him during desperate times. Reason: Where will man ultimately go, whom shall he ardently call upon, in whom can he really hope on? Meantime, God knows that when things are just right and living is relatively easy, man usually takes Him for granted. One thing is certain: He understands!

The reality that although they may not be saints, it is in such times of great lost and big grief that Filipinos still show their “Bayanihan” spirit – their cultural neighborly concern. Tri-media has been doing its neighborly job rather well in repeatedly showing, talking, and writing about the havoc brought about by the typhoon, continuously asking for help for the people it devastated. And the response is edifying.

The fact that people the world over – irrespective of their race, color, and creed – are extending their helping hand to the Filipinos in urgent need of assistance even but in such basic human needs as food and water, clothes and shelters. This good news attenuates the bad news brought about by “Yolanda,” Filipinos and foreigners together extending their helping hand: Thank you! Mabuhay! God bless you!