Monday, November 25, 2013

The Pork is Gone! Where is the Beef?

The pork is now gone. The questions is, “where is the beef?” What will take place of the Pork Barrel System now officially declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court? What new System will take its place? Is it “Corned Beef,” “Dried Beef,” “Beef Stew” – or what? In other words, there must be something new invented by those who just lost their dear and endearing Pork Barrel! In other words:

The PDAF is done away with as it should be. The DAP could be next.
The MALAMPAYA FUND is now meant for what it is really intended.
The so-called PRESIDENTIAL SOCIAL FUND is kaput.
The PALACE and the LEGISLATURE are both chastised “to the bones.”
The poor JUAN DE LA CRUZ is right after all.

Mabuhay Filipinas!

The Filipinos, however, should not think that the battle is over.
The public officials concerned will not just surrender and do nothing.
The politicos spent so much to be elected.
The same characters have to recover their Epal expenses, at least.
The People of the Philippines must watch them and watch them well.

Poor Filipinos!

What will Malacañang and the Legislature do next?
What conspiracy will they forge in other to recover their loses?
What inventions will the two branches of government do to make money?
What laws will the leader say as urgent for his followers to comply with?
What will people do next?

Watch out, people!

Why do they have to pay so much for incompetent leadership?
Why do they have to finance corrupt and corrupting public officials?
Why is the Philippines still poor despite all official claims to the contrary?
Why do even miserable Filipinos pay taxes no matter how indirect these are?
Why is the government paid for so much for doing so little?

Look out for the beef!