Monday, November 04, 2013

Silence better than noise

TIME and again it has been proven that there are times that to be quiet is much better than to make noise, to observe silence is more prudent that to talk—especially so when the talk is neither asked for much less needed nor sensible and much less acceptable.  And this was precisely what recently took place one otherwise relaxed evening at prime time media coverage:  someone spoke what he was told, read what was written for him.  And the thereafter effect was certainly not surprising, much less pleasing.  No clapping of hand was heard.  No cheering in any way was made.

There were those who missed their preferred regular news or sought-after entertainment programs.  There were others who did not feel nor see the relevance of the talk, much less its importance in their day to day life.  Worse, many others felt not only offended but even disgusted with the surprised address.  So it was that there were many phone calls made and much more text messages sent that signified not merely dismay but also anger.

Some of the less indecorous observations made or the kinder things said were the following:  The speaker did not even know what the problem was, what the issue was, what wrong with the government was. The speaker spoke and acted precisely as the boss incarnate, with everybody else at his feet seeking his precious attention, begging for alms.  The speaker seemed to be in Cloud 9 by practically claiming infallibility and assuming sainthood.

Is it so hard to know that it is the Pork Barrel System that people denounce avidly and repeatedly, after knowing the gross graft and corruption that accompany it as a matter of course?  Is it too hard to know that all the big rallies and long marches that begun in Luneta were infallibly accompanied by pigs in various looks and sizes precisely as symbols versus the amoral System that made huge amounts of public funds go into private pockets?

Is it so difficult to understand that the now on-going People’s Initiative—not to mention the cases filed before the Supreme Court—are all against exactly the same Pork Barrel System that has been gradually but surely placed at the command of the Executive Department?  Is it difficult to understand that such a practice is against the Philippine Constitution that gives the “Power of the Purse” to the Legislative Department?

Is it so demanding to realize that even the enormous Presidential Port Barrel is non-acceptable and should therefore be renounced and done away with?  Is it so exacting to get rid of such a special porky practice, considering the already tired and tiring claim of someone as supposedly treading nothing less than the “Matuwid na Daan”?