Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Questions. Questions. Questions.

Why the more frequent storms and heavy flooding? Why the strong earthquakes and wide destructions? Why the strong typhoons and many deaths? Is this the end of the world? Is this the anger of God? What must man do? What can stop the catastrophe? What is in store for humanity? What is happening to the world? What else is coming to fore? What more are going to happen?

The questions are valid. Answers are in order. This is a good occasion to stop for a moment and think. This is an opportune time to squarely face the problem. There must be big truths behind such devastating events. There should be standing realities behind such extraordinary phenomena. It is contrary even but to elementary logic to think and even conclude that anything takes place by neither accident, that everything happens with neither rhythm nor reason which even animal instinct would not subscribe to.

There are three basic ways of answering the questions, three fundamental approaches in responding to the inquiries. One, in the order of nature or reason, viz., what natural law provides about earthly realities, what reasons knows about the temporal world. Two, in the sphere is grace or faith, viz., what spiritual principles state about the earth, what truths of belief say about earthly realities. Three, in the domain of those who want to see nothing, say nothing, do nothing – and know nothing – something futile to address.

In the order of nature or reason: The earth is continuously changing. As lands or islands gradually come out of the sea, they also gradually go down the sea. Otherwise, where did mountains come from? Man could no t have made them by spading ground and building them up into mountains after mountains. The earth is continuously changing. As water gradually became tall and big icebergs, these, too, gradually become water. With the earth becoming smaller, there are earthquakes happening and volcanoes erupting. With man’s continuous use of oil, coal, gas, and other combustibles, the environment is affected thus contributing to climate change which in turn brings about storms, typhoons, and other natural calamities.

In the sphere of grace or faith: Only God is everlasting – never changing, always the same, forever there. And as everything else temporal has a beginning, everything that is time-bound, has an ending. As man is born, so does he die. So it is said that when someone dies, this is not news as it happens day-in and day-out. But when somebody does not die at all, this is really news. So is it, too, that different animal species appear and disappear. The same is true with flowers, plants, and trees – they come and go. A diamond is lasting but not eternal: As time made it, so is it that time will unmake it. Coming to much more serious truths: Only God is absolutely eternal while heaven and hell are perpetual. And the really momentous question is this: When you die, where will you go?