Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Please Check – Please Do

It is public knowledge that anti-pork barrel rallies and marches, conventions and programs of action, are presently directed against the sick and sickening Pork Barrel System in the Philippines that fattens a good number of public officials – while making fools of the general public and making the People of the Philippines wretched, miserable, and pathetic. What is most irritating and disgusting is that while someone alleges that he would get rid of the Pork Barrels of lower ranking public officials, he is, however, resolved to keep his own biggest amount of pork funds given different names and controlled through different ways. So it is that there are knowledgeable and decided groups that are united in holding a People’s Initiative to get rid of the dirty and deadly system – the Presidential Pork Barrel well-included.

In different amazing huge amounts and for different alleged purposes, the following were recently written down in black and white – by J.D. in a well-known and well-read broadsheet – as the scandalous components of the equivalent of the Presidential Pork Barrel for the fiscal year 2014 – which should be checked, verified, and confirmed for the sake of truth and in the interest of justice:

a. 500 million intelligence fund.

b. 1,998 billion for maintenance & other operating expenses.

c. 608.8 million for salaries.

d. 183.4 billion for capital outlay.

e. 336 million for traveling expenses.

f. 106 million for professional services.

g. 90 million for financial assistance.

h. 96 million for representation expenses.

i. 33.4 million for rental expenses.

Somebody – please help! Someone – please check! Such pleadings are not only necessary but also fair and just. When not only the wealthy but also destitute Filipinos pay their direct and indirect taxes exacted by the present regime – from living through food and drink consumptions and for eventually dying through the use of coffin and burial ground – there is the Office of the President having a difficult amount to count and to spend just for the year 2014. Anyone, please check! Please do!