Friday, November 29, 2013

“May They Rest In Peace” (R.I.P.)

It is with accord with human solidarity and charity that water and food, clothing and medicines are being brought to millions of families victimized by a devastating typhoon “Yolanda” that rendered them hungry and thirsty, having but what they are wearing, and getting sick for one cause or another. And such humane spirit and humanitarian acts are being expressed and done in favor of men and women, especially so for helpless children and the elderly. They have suffered enough and continue to suffer much for ne adverse reason or another. So is it that they need and deserve to be also served much and be well cared for.

But as millions of the living are suffering and are being attended to by their caring fellow-Filipinos, it is not only consoling but also edifying to see that even foreigners from various parts of the world are giving their share of temporal goods and extending their services to the victims of the distinctly disastrous typhoon. So it is that there is much hope that just as the said victims have fallen on their knees, losing practically all their modest belongings, there is not only the fond hope but also the high probability that in due time. They will stand up and walk with head up on account of their fortitude and resiliency. This is certainly not the first time that Filipinos fell down. And this is neither the first time that they will rise again with dignity and legitimate pride. For so many times they suffered before and in the same number of times they eventually stood up with self-respect and high hope. Such is the spirit and intent with the Filipino shout “Mabuhay!”

And this brings to fore the lamentable fact that the fatal climate phenomenon furthermore killed thousands of them. Dead and still, they were left here and there, by the wayside, anywhere and everywhere. Many of them have not been found yet under the mountains of debris that fell on them. And when found, a good number of could not be identified on account of their decomposition and disfiguration. Meantime, the search and counting of the dead continues. When they are found laid down together, together, too, they are buried. But it is good to remember that while human life has an ending here and now, the soul of the dead goes hereafter and beyond. This is when prayers for the dead are not only acts of faith but actual intercession for their eternal rest.

Christ said, “I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, though he should die will come to life; and whosoever is alive and believes in me, will never die.”

The Church prays, “Remember our brother and sisters who have gone to their rest in hope of rising again; bring them and all the departed into the light of your presence.”