Monday, November 11, 2013

“Matuwid na Daan” – A Farce

Based on what people say about the present administration – the way it is being headed, what the leader has been doing for some three years now, how a big number of Filipinos are deprived of even their basic needs – it is becoming more and more convincing that the now tiring “Matuwid na Daan” hurrah is a big farce. Perhaps the original plan behind it was not only acceptable but also commendable. But as time goes by, the self-serving tribute has been slowly but surely denuded of its previous frills and thrills.

This is simply not all about the now infamous well financed Impeachment Case. Neither is it merely about the likewise surreptitiously funded passage of the amoral Population Control Legislation. Nor it is altogether about the disgusting Pork Barrel System, a sizeable amount which is under the control of the Presidential Office. This is not even saying anything about the total of Php2,791 billion budget directly under the direction of the same Office of the President for the year 2014 – no less than Php500 million of which is earmarked as “Intelligence Fund” which the general public will be kept in the dark where, why, and how much would be eventually spent for what.

What categorically makes the “Matuwid na Daan” claim a really big joke if not a downright hallucination, is the blatant fact it nonchalantly accommodates – even promotes and protects – nothing less than two big official gambling corporations owned and controlled by the government itself (GOCCs). What makes the matter much worse is that the said downright gambling entities are directly placed under the presidential baton.

Never mind the gambling addicts the said GOCCs procreate. Never mind the professionals they degenerate. Never mind the families they destroy. Never mind the gangsters they attract. Never mind the laundering they promote. Yes, they loudly and repeatedly advertise the school classrooms and chairs they finance. But no, they do not say how come they are infallibly the winners – raking in day and night the money of the gamblers. And of course, neither do they say why the gamblers are eventually the losers. And this is saying nothing why is it that downright gambling operations are shamelessly categorized as but mere “gaming”.

More: There is now the newly introduced PCSO “Bingo Milyonaryo” whose winnings are said to be earmarked for a government agency gearing for political advantage. And more: There is this notorious group of foreign professional gamblers who have recently found a convenient way of putting up the PAGCOR “ENTERTAINMENT” City – as Las Vegas like crowning glory of gambling in Philippines soil.

Matuwid na Daan”? Come on! Be real! Make sense!