Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DAP (Detestable Abominable Depravity)

The “Pork Barrel” now stands as nothing less than the incarnation of evil, the personification of greed, the herald of thievery. And the victims are the direct and indirect tax paying People of the Philippines – irrespective of their age, language, and belief. They sense it, they know it, they are certain of it – even without having earned any diploma, without practicing any profession. There may be these and those individuals who find something good in it. This in no way means though that they are jubilant and ecstatic about it – even but after hearing the word “Napoles”.

First, it was the “PORK BARREL SYSTEM” in general. Then came the more concrete and suspicious word “PDAF”. And as if such was not bad enough, mention was thereafter made of the mysterious “DAP” – the apex of secrecy plus the jumping board of corruption. Yes. There were vain attempts to explain and justify it. There was also that one curious early evening that someone pitifully tried to defend, vainly attempted to explain it nationwide. Defending the indefensible, justifying the unjustifiable – this is the mysterious phenomenon of the cryptic and infamous “DISBURSEMENT ACCELERATION PROGRAM” which is better expressed as “Detestable Abominable Depravity.

Considering that the chief Malacañang occupant is neither that able nor knowledgeable about such a novel invention as “DAP,” it is said with logic and credibility that an auxiliary Malacañang tenant did the trick. The rather new invention was first known as “incentives”. For what? Then, it was identified as “savings”. From what? Thereafter, it was claimed as creation of an Executive Order. So what?

So it is that:

One big, noisy, and angry rally after another was held – with others being now prepared.

One case after another are filed before the Supreme Court against the DAP as something constitutional.

One People’s Initiative is being prepared from this and that section of the country, one Draft Law is being written for the purpose.

What’s next? Nobody really knows. It is the bright beginning of the dismal end of something or someone? This will be good to know.