Friday, October 11, 2013

Worrisome and Bothersome

Time and again for the past three years or so, the bad news keeps coming back “like a song.” In so many words and in so many ways, positive doubts are raised and sincere questions are asked about the personality constitution of someone and his capacity for a demanding leadership role. No. There seems to be neither malice intended nor any demeaning design in mind – but simply searching for the honest to goodness truth. In fact, it can be said in all sincerity and candor that the doubts come to mind and the questions are asked basically in the context of love of country, respect for a high public office, and hope for a better tomorrow for the People of the Philippines.

The doubts expressed and the questions heard can be admittedly not only worrisome but also bothersome. But again, there must be ethical reasons to entertain them and moral basis to ask them. The search for truth is mandatory especially so when the common good or public welfare is at stake. The reign of falsehood is a big loss as well as a misfortune for all those affected by it. But the truth sets people free. That is why the truth may hurt, may disturb, and may upset people. And that is why falsity and ignorance keep people blindfolded – neither knowing what to do, nor where to go.

So it was that sometime in the middle of last September, a well-known broadsheet thought it right and proper to publish an article written by a knowledgeable, respectable, and kind lady on the matter. Among other things, it reads: “Ninoy’s apprehension about his son is known… I think the psychological reports sparked a debate on whether or not Filipinos have a right to information that will affect their decision on who to vote for president. That debate itself has raised the awareness that a presidential candidate should not just be 100% healthy in body and mind. He has to be 150% able to pull the country together for better times…”

It can be readily said and immediately upheld that there is neither any ill will nor any malicious intent behind the partly quoted article. What is written therein is fact. What is thus reported is history. Certain individuals may not like the article. But the subject matter therein written about is anything but a secret. In the same way, the issue brought to fore is a rather common subject matter repeatedly spoken about – especially during these difficult days for the Filipinos, these trying times for the Philippines.

Every now and then, surveys are said to have been made by supposedly experts in getting the work done. Their results are rather predictable by now – in terms of the rather high approval rating of the highest ranking national leader and about the pursuant truly positive socio-economic present and future of the country. The problem is that multi-million Filipinos remain poor and destitute in the same way that multi-million Filipinos leave the country to earn a decent living – all fatal dangers and grave difficulties to the contrary, notwithstanding. So the question: Is there really a capable national leadership in the Philippines?