Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pork Barrel Royalty

Such is the initially interesting and ultimately disgusting saga of the seemingly intriguing but actually revolting “Pork Barrel Scam.” While it is still in fact an on-going drama, it can already be said that its main chapters and characters are the following: It all began with sighs and wow! It then continued to be what and how come? It is now yucky and sleazy. And the main characters of the big drama are the following: Some well-protected “Whistle Blowers,” one heavily guarded fat lady, several infamous Senators, many disreputable Representatives, these and those close manipulative allies of the President, the President himself – the supposed so-called “Matuwid na Daan.

This is saying nothing about the following sick and sickening features of the same national drama: The manipulated Impeachment Case of a Chief Justice. The billions of pesos flagrantly stolen from the Public Fund supposedly for the public welfare of “Juan de la Cruz” who inescapably pays taxes from birth to death. The angry public rallies and marches against the systematized stealing – with loud and repeated shouts of public disgust. The many pig effigies, pig faces, pig patches – not to mention anti-pig programs, anti-pig flags as well as anti-pig placards, the long and loud Church bell ringing to drive away the evil spirits.

There was then that one cloudy and ominous day when shouts were heard about a “Pork Barrel King!” Though possibly disrespectful whereas the new title referred to someone living in a supposedly sterilized Palace, the new title nevertheless remains understandable because all the sticky and slimy porky grants come there from. But the truth of the matter is that usually, such an august kingly title does not stand alone. That is to say:

If there is a “Pork Barrel King,” there is also a “Pork Barrel Queen.” In the concrete case at hand however, while the former has his palatial residence, the latter has hers in a military cage in a distant and lonely place. This could be disrespectful and cruel even. But it is not so -- for her own safety and good health, her peace of mind and wellness of heart.

If there is a “Pork Barrel King” and a “Pork Barrel Queen,” there cannot but be also the “Pork Barrel Royal Children." All of these carry the title of “Honorable” with their luxurious homes to live in and their respective Chambers to periodically gather and enjoy one another’s company.

Conclusion: It can now be said with pride and pleasure that it is surely not only England and few other countries that royalty resides in their midst. The Filipinos should be gradually accustomed to think, to say and to live in the country with a “Pork Barrel Royalty.

Long live… (What?)