Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Pork Barrel Royalty

There was a time in the not so distant past that the questions were, “When would the Pork Barrel issue be forgotten?” and “When would the Pork Barrel scam be but history among the People of the Philippines?” Reason: It is said that there are certain individuals in the high level of the national government whose expertise – among other dubious attributes – is to think, plan, and execute the so-called “Diversionary Tactics” when so needed.

Their main concern and/or intent is to stage either intriguing or hideous events to divert the attention of the people from something shameful, hideous and/or gross government misdeeds – such as precisely the disgraceful and scandalous acts of the Executive Branch of Government. So it was that the Pork Barrel Scam came to fore but government diversionary tactics did not work. Hence, strong Anti-Pork Barrel sentiments aroused. Anti-Pork Barrel organizations were formed. Anti-Pork Barrel rallies are still being staged here and there – especially in Metro Manila. Needless to say, no diversionary tactic really worked. In fact, not even the big Zamboanga debacle and calamity diverted the attention of the general public from the Pork Barrel corrupt and corrupting institution.

The progression of graft and corrupt practices in government concretely in terms of the Pork Barrel Scam began with a woman who surrendered directly to nobody less than the highest government official in the country. She was accompanied to a safe holding place by none other than the same highest government official in the country. She was thereafter shown in different pictures with none other than exactly the same highest government official in the country. It cannot be more suspect. It cannot be more intriguing. It cannot be more revealing.

At first, the Pork Barrel opera of falsity and thievery opened in the Senate, then it continued in the House, then it went to these and those government agencies – until finally it went back to exactly the same highest government official in the country. That is why, although quite unhappy about it, exactly the same highest government official in the country is now called the “Pork Barrel King!” But would that be it? Is that the end? Apparently not really!

If there is a “Pork Barrel King,” then there should also be “Pork Barrel Queen,” who is now safely in prison. And if there is a “Pork Barrel King” and a “Pork Barrel Queen,” then there must also be a “Pork Barrel Royal Family” – composed of all the beneficiaries of the Pork Barrel Scam, understandably in the loving care and attention of the same “Pork Barrel King.” Comprende?