Monday, October 07, 2013

Pork Barrel, PDAF, and DAP

With different names – the first base, the second cryptic, and the third novel – they however have exactly the same denominator: SCAM, swindle, blackmail, fraud, hoax, racket, sham, deceit – all of this mean one and the same thing: Double-dealing, hocus-pocus, hanky-panky, dishonesty, graft, and corruption. And all of this is ultimately placed at the very doorstep of Malacañang. Reason: It is bad for subordinates to take what is not theirs. But it is worse for their supremo to give them what is not his.

Thus it is that at first, the big and loud protests against the Pork Barrel Scam were addressed at the certain Honorable Members in the House of Representatives and of the Senate. But now, young and old protesters from all major parts of the country, from all economic classes of society as well as in tri-media, denounce not only the named Pork Barrel recipient Congressmen and Senators – plus other figures in certain government agencies – but also the Malacañang generous giver himself of the ominous Pork. In fact, while it is claimed that the Pork Barrel System would be abolished – which is a suspect claim – the truth is that to this date, the Grand Master in the Palace comfortable retains his truly big, really juicy and very fat Pork Barrel.

So it is that practically on account of the porky system of government – particularly on account of the impeachment thriller – it is said that the legislature is in the pocket of the Executive Department for ousting a former Chief Justice, while the Judiciary is in its other pocket for appointing a new and thus beholden Chief Justice. True or otherwise, there is now the perception that the constitutional provision of three co-equal branches of government is far from reality. In other words, there is the belief that there is really but one all embracing and commanding branch of Government in the Philippines – the Executive Department.

Therefore, it can be said with rhyme and reason that the explicit and repeated shouts against the Pork Barrel System goes far beyond the System itself. And there are a number of good reasons for this. To name a few: The capacity to govern on the part of no less than the supreme leader in the country is suspect; the country now has enemies from within and without; the poverty among millions of Filipinos is a glaring phenomenon; the graft and corrupt practices in and out of government remain well and alive; and thus, the shout of “Matuwid na Daan” proves to be an empty mantra. The thesis, “Walang mahirap kung walang corrupt,” remains a big futility. The exclamation, “Kayo ang boss ko,” is a big joke. Conclusion: The now reigning Philippine Government is a damaged constitution.

Is it not enough to have thievery, dishonesty, fraud, and the like among the common tao? Is it already normal to have the same unethical practices and immoral behavior even among their supposedly illustrious and revered government officials? Is it not really wherefore more fun in the Philippines?