Friday, October 25, 2013


Omnipresence is just that: Present everywhere, existing anywhere – anytime and all the time. This is neither easy to do nor ordinarily done. In fact, even the wind is absent in a vacuum while someone can only be here or there – but not both here and there at the same time. The truth is that omnipresence is exclusively attributed to Divinity – together with the reality omnipotence. This is just to tell the truth squarely, to set the record straight.

But lo and behold, there is someone in the country who seems to have that same attribute – one way to another. This is in no way meant to offend the Almighty in any way but simply intended to notice and admire someone who recently came to the attention of the general public and who to this writing can be said as nothing less that the center of attraction of the whole country.

Oh, yes, many things happened and took the attention of the people – such as the Zamboanga invasion, the Visayas earthquake together with destructive typhoons here and there. All these – and possibly other big and interesting events notwithstanding – there is this someone who keeps Filipinos conscious of her presence, which makes them precisely wondering why is she practically everywhere. One thing is certain, it can be said that while she is now the news of the day, time is coming when she might even become a historical present – perhaps even making it to the “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!”

First, her presence was noticed in the hallowed site, the elegant place, and the distinguished Palace called Malacañang – representing the Executive Department. There she went, there she was received and there she was attended to. More. She was even personally accompanied by the chief Palace occupant to a practically impregnable place to ascertain her safety. Who dares say that Malacañang is not a caring institution?

Second, her name or person was repeatedly and distinctly mentioned not only in the Senate but also in the House of Representative – standing for the Legislative Department. In fact, she has become not only a person of interest but someone who is much feared for knowing too many particulars which should be precisely kept as well guarded secrets. The more she speaks the truth, the more omnipresent she might become in the minds of people.

Third, her spirit is now even appended to someone who is said to make things happen at the Judicial Department itself. This is a new revelation. Thus it is that either her presence is felt all over the place, i.e., in nothing less than all the three branches of the Philippine Government. This phenomenon can be another “Wonder of the World.” Who dares say that it is not more fun in the Philippines!