Friday, October 18, 2013

No Second Term

Recently, someone said that he would not seek a second term – meaning that one term of office of six years would be enough for him and wherefore tenure in the same office would no longer be an option as far as he was concerned. And that’s it. By the way, such direct and interesting statement was made abroad in foreign soil among foreigners. And the report said that the man was not only applauded but even cheered. Upon knowing this incident, eyebrows were raised and questions were asked herein his own country – and rightly so. Why make such a claim among foreigners on the occasion of a short foreign visit.

For one thing, the existing fundamental law itself of the land where he is from, flatly forbids him – and all other before him – to seek a second tenure after presiding over his own native land for six long years. Why then did he even venture to declare that he would not run again for the same office? So it is that certain interesting questions come to mind.

Is he thinking that he is such a great public official with great achievements to the great appreciation of the people such that these would actually clamor for him to seek another term of office? Does he really believe that he proved himself to be indispensable to his country that this could not afford to be without him after six long years?

Is he then thinking that the people of his country would clamor for a change in its Constitution precisely in order to enable him to seek a second – third, etc., etc., -- term of office? In other words, is he contemplating of Charter Change through any possible means such that he could run for re-election for some three more long years from now?

Is he thus thinking that this has a highly superior capacity, an indispensable ability, an extraordinary competence – not to mention a singular industry, inimitable zeal, a distinct ingenuity – that his country would be lost without him and the people would suffer much without him happily leading them to justice and peace, development and contentment?

One thing is certain – during these times in particular: It is rather hard to say that all if not most of people in the Philippines are awed either by his person or with his performance rating – notwithstanding all much suspect surveys to the contrary. The truth of the matter is that not a few Filipinos are not simply much discomforted but are also greatly disappointed in his leadership – such that more and more of them are becoming poor, are without jobs, while his allies are wallowing in porky wealth, in piggish assets. What a pity!