Wednesday, October 23, 2013


So it was that a devastating earthquake just took place – destroying houses and buildings, bridges and churches, killing people included. So it has been that more destructive earthquakes happened in the past – substantially doing the same destruction and causing the same havoc. And so it shall be that more frightening earthquakes are surely coming in the days ahead – no one really knows when and where – their magnitudes and intensities included – not even the experts in this matter. Now, what are wrecker and killer earthquakes for? How come they take place causing people to cry, destroying their assets, making them suffer much? Moreover, why do they happen at all? And more importantly, is God punishing people for their evil deeds, for their wayward lives?


The truth is that no one is that sure why earthquakes have to happen at all. Is it because the earth is falling apart, destroying itself? Is it because people are not taking care of the environment? Is it because there are certain individuals whose entertainment is to dupe people, whose custom is to steal from them. Hence, is it because God wants to punish people for their continuous and grave misdeeds? Who really knows? And this is but just admitting the truth.


One thing is certain though: What has a beginning cannot but have an ending in the same way that the moment of birth of anyone is the start itself of his or her death. This may be a gruesome thought, an undesirable reality. But it is the truth. So is it that a bad event, a dangerous occurrence, a near-dead experience are also all good reminders for people to rectify their errant actuations, to change their vicious living, to have a morally upright life. Earthquakes are good reminders.


So it was that a group of men was heard asking the “Why?” of the earthquakes in Visayas, why the big damages to many people and the lost of much of their assets. Practically all of them were of the opinion that it was a way of God of saying that there are some people who are bad, who should then be punished, etc. Without the least hesitation, one of them said: “If the earthquake is a really sign of God’s anger, then it should have happened in the Congress, the Senate and Malacañang areas!” And that brought the house down – so to speak.