Monday, September 09, 2013


Among the different ways of understanding the exclamation “Wow!” the following combined thoughts and feelings are the more common ones known and duly noted: It is an expression of amazement and delight, disbelief and wonder. It points out something perplexing and singular, interesting and amusing. It is meant to show doubt or disbelief, even disdain and disgust – not to mention something appalling and revolting even.

In whatever way it is understood and felt, the expression and shout of “Wow!” is indeed a very distinct and timely word to invoke during these times in order to point out the well scripted and on-going “Napoles Melodrama.” This unfolding, exciting, and wherefore avidly watched phenomenon is in fact a 24-hour unfolding drama-series of greed and deceit, of structured graft and corrupt practices.

What is more interesting, suspect, and dubious about it is that no less than the Chief-in-Command himself is a key character in the same mystery – under many titles such as the “Chief-Protector,” the “Chief-Security,” and even the “Grand Savior” of the central figure in the highly dramatic play. How come the script has gone that far? This is still anybody’s guess – although certain insiders in the unfolding mystery already know and tell.

But there is something else that very well calls for and deserves the loud and ardent exclamation “Wow!” – considering the pervasive poverty and misery gripping multi-million Filipinos all over the country. Taxes are deducted from their meager earnings. Taxes are exacted when they pay for consumer goods. Taxes are demanded when they use public utilities. But lo and behold – how great and convenient, how advantageous and profitable it is to be the President of such people, a big number of whom cannot find work, have practically nothing to support their families, much less be able to send their children to school. So millions of them leave the country, facing all possible dangers abroad just to earn a living.

2.82 BILLION PESOS PRESIDENTIAL PORK BARREL for 2014! WOW! It is not that hard to count a thousand pesos. It is however already quite difficult to count a million pesos. But to count billions of pesos! WOW! Oh yes, it goes under many names but a Pork Barrel it still remains in substance and reality. Ah yes, it is divided under many headings but they all still amount to a Pork Barrel. And who would we dare bravely and honestly audit such a truly big, definitely fat and much greasy Pork Barrel at the spending discretion of the most powerful Public Official in the land? It is already irregular that every Representative gets some 70 million pesos annual Pork Barrel. It is even more questionable that every Senator has some 200 million pesos annual Pork Barrel. But the President has a 2.82 billion Pork Barrel for 2014. WOW!