Friday, September 06, 2013


It is becoming more and more disappointing and even frustrating when someone continues to express visions and make commitments that remain but words, words and more words. It is even disheartening and even disgusting when someone merely repeats what he heard, simply say what he is told. What tops it all is when someone merely reads as a matter of fact what is written for him – thereafter thinking that what he read would automatically happen, also as matter of fact. The over–all result of this inanity is that the speaker or the reader is eventually neither believed nor trusted. Neither listen to nor taken seriously, much less respect. This phenomenon of all talk and no deed is considered a big ethical malady called and known as a “Diarrhea of Word” to which there is yet no known cure to this date and time.

The above pitiful liability causes a distinct distrust and a marked frustration when it is precisely the case of a supposed leader who simply repeats what he is told to say. This is exactly the reality of but a led leadership, viz., a leader incapable of really leading and is wherefore simply led by others around him – by his chosen and close allies. And this is when a led-leader slowly but surely feels comfortable and secure that he is not only doing well but actually doing great. And this is the exact and sad reality of self-deception such as in terms of self–belief, self-admiration, and self-adulation while those around him feel amused.

It is in this realm of the gross and the outrageous that something sublime and marvelous comes to mind – at the risk of perpetrating a downright sacrilege though without the least intention of so doing. This: In the Good Book, it is written that God simply spoke and one reality after another came to being in fact, His words were enough to make the whole world came about as one impressive composite reality. There was nothing He wanted that was not done – just by saying the words. There was nothing that did not happen merely by speaking out his mind. Such is the difference between the omnipotent word of God and the big empty words of certain individuals.

When someone comes to think, become convinced that his mere words automatically become downright realities; something is wrong – very wrong – not with the word said but who say them. This exactly the sad and pitiful delusion of individual who think they are little gods, bantam divinities whose mere puny words automatically bring about great things frustration of the people led and the big fall of the led–leader.

People – what do you say, what do you do?