Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So Sad But So True

Given the avaricious as well as scandalous reign of the previous administration, it was thought that nothing worse could ever happen in the same way that everything right and proper was expected to take place as a matter of fact with the advent of a new government – daintily tied with a “Yellow Ribbon.” The impression and expectation was that with the advent of the present government, nothing could ever go wrong. Hence, upon the election of the now incumbent Chief-in-Command, there was some euphoria and great expectations on the part of the general public.

But lo and behold, it can be said with all sincerity and candor that life has in effect become more challenging to face and living has become more difficult to bear in the past three years or so. And the over-all result of all such marked liabilities in governance is not only the ever growing people’s discontent but also their emerging downright anger. And these political and socio-economic retrogressions are very much more than the infamous piggish graft and corrupt practices in Congress – without exactly exempting certain personages and agencies of the less and less trusted administration. The greasy handling of public funds is but one negative feature in the present government that has become harder and harder to believe in, to trust, and to depend on.

It all started with the Luneta debacle that alienated the Hong Kong people. Now it is the Zamboanga invasion. In between were, are fights with the Chinese, the skirmish with the Taiwanese. Then, there was the Saba fray. This is not to mention the Atimonan rubout plus the Ozamis gang termination. Neither is herein anything said about the perpetually maverick NPA. More recently, there is the miserable 10-peso daily wage increase vis-à-vis the ever increasing prices of food, gas, electricity, and other consumer goods. There is the magical up-and-up rising cost of rice notwithstanding its proclaimed sufficiency. And there is also gambling addiction being fomented plus prohibited drugs being found all around. Criminality is a matter of fact. The BOC officials are called thick-faced while the NBI leaders are considered suspects. Meantime, there is the ever-glowing publicity of an ever improving Philippine economy while more Filipinos remain jobless, more and more women OFW are exploited. And the “Pork Barrel” scandal? This is but icing on the cake, the tip of the iceberg!

With all – and more – of the above bad news one after another: What is wrong? Many things are wrong. Many things can be wrong. But there is one thing that is definitely wrong. “Questionable capacity in leadership?” “Questionable rationality in administration?” “Questionable understanding of the Philippines?” What? All?