Friday, September 27, 2013


It was published by but not one newspaper that is neither inconsequential nor irrelevant. The article is not mere gossip, much less it is but a joke. The news is not really that new, whereas it has been going around for some time now. But what is disturbing is that a Newspaper has come out with it courageously and publicly. The following may be said in all sincerity and candor: One, the news is certainly not without any basis on ground reality. Two, the news is thus understandable and tenable. Three, the news is a good warning to people who play blind, deaf, and dumb.

The news had this headline: “Disgruntled forces of surface say, 'crucial decision made'”. The heading is said to have come from the “Reformist Officers United” (ROU). The headline is preceded by an above clear-lettered claim “ROU says Noynoy Regime ‘Weak, Corrupt, Insensitive’”. All these are anything but good news. Altogether true or partly false, it is not something for people to altogether overlook, much less to merely laugh at.

Among the numerous particulars of the news item, the following appear to be worth repeating/quoting and thinking/pondering over as they are rather serious particulars – having grim contents and disturbing implications:

a. It says that the ROU makes a stand “to serve the country from further ruin and continue the unfinished revolution of our forefathers, the true nationalists of the 1896 Revolution.”

b. It states that “PNoy’s government has repeatedly frustrated the honest aspirations of our people by offering its fanciful and deceitful brand of democracy, economy, and political lifestyle…”

c. It affirms that Aquino’s “conscience has become so compartmentalized that he does not realize that the very men and women he asked for help are the same men and women victimized by his government’s corruption, plunder, arrogance, and incompetence.”

d. It observes that “PNoy even asked the men in uniform to die for his government and his brand of illiberal democracy … There is a system failure everywhere. The entire country is deregulated in favor of the elite and their crooked foreign partners.”

e. It adds, “Our military is demoralized and shot through with politics. Our justice system does not work. The guilty go free; the innocent are framed… When we protest, the government responds with arrogance and brutality.”

One thing is certain: The above is one bad news!