Friday, September 13, 2013

“Roll Out the Barrel” (Soap Opera)

Introduction: The Opera

“Soap” is the opera because it is slippery, because the “Barrel” is greasy as it keeps rolling to no one knows where. But no matter what happens, rolling out the barrel is fun.

Chapter 1: The Woman

There is this woman who is highly influential, very ingenious, and wherefore very rich. She has a number of enviable houses, a number of cars, a number of powerful collaborators. What she says is done. What she wants she gets. So it is that a big shot herself, big shots too are her company. Until…

Chapter 2: The Sequester

Her demands prove to be too much to bear and her secrets too juicy to keep. So it happens that one day, a small-shot but close worker feels angry and dissatisfied with the way he is treated. Immediately then, he is isolated allegedly to make him pray, repent, and be converted. Until…

Chapter 3: The Squealer

The sequestered fellow happens to get free – free to talk, free to name names, free to say what, when, and how much. So is it that he becomes a celebrity himself like his former boss-woman. Sometime later, more of fellow workers appear and become squealers themselves. Until…

Chapter 4: The Surrender

Hunted for “Illegal Detention,” the woman surrenders to her admired and trusted public official who cordially receives her, chats with her, picks a safe place for her, and thereto personally accompanies with her with an impressive long convoy of fearsome looking cars plus full security. Until…

Chapter 5: The Jail Choice

First, the woman is brought to a nearby gig, highly impressive and very safe camp. Then, to lessen the outrage of a preferential treatment, she is brought to a regular jail. Then, to ascertain her absolute safety and comfort plus medical service, inclusive of a food taster, she is brought to a far camp.


(Nothing happens thereafter – as usual)