Monday, September 23, 2013

Pork Barrel Scam Trial

So the accounting was done. So the Pork Barrel Scam was revealed. So the principals and accessories were named. So angry rallies were held. So someone was detained against his will. So he was freed by the authorities. So the principal suspect was put in prison. So the main whistle blower has spoken. So the evidence was gathered. So the department of Justice worked on the case. So the case was brought to the Ombudsman. So it is said that other cases will be brought thereto. What happens next?

Before a Kangaroo Court, the evidence is gathered, the accused is caught, the sentence is passed. (Unacceptable)

Before a People’s Court, the evidence is gathered, the accused is caught, the trial is made, the sentence is given. (Questionable)

Before the Philippine Court, the Department of Justice is informed of the case, gathers all available pieces of evidence thereon, verifies, and weighs them all. When the case appears to have some merit, the same department goes to the ombudsman hereto presenting the case and submitting all the pieces of evidence accordingly gathered and duly evaluated. The ombudsman looks into all the pieces of the evidence thereto presented and evaluates their merit one by one. When there appears to be merit in the case, the ombudsman goes to the Sandiganbayan and hereto presents the case with its full evidentiary documentation. Thereafter, the Sandiganbayan looks into the Case, evaluates the merit of all the pieces of evidence, conducts a preliminary trial, thereafter holds the formal trial of the case, resolves all petitions and motions submitted as well as all objections raised. The Sandiganbayan weighs all the evidence presented thereto, gets the required submissions from all the parties concerned, studies the case and pronounces the sentence thereon. The parties pronounced guilty to the Supreme Court to appeal the case. How much time the Department of Justice needs to file all the cases, how much time the ombudsman needs to evaluate the cases, how much time the Supreme Court needs to resolve the appeals… the people do not know, the people might wait, the people could forget, and might no longer care. (Unbearable)

There is but one over-all conclusion in way the justice system works in the Philippines: It is slower than a turtle walk. It gives the culprits so much time to enjoy their questionable assets. It makes people grow old – in the event that they do not die eventually – before the cases are resolved once and for all, before the criminals are place behind bars, before what they stole find the way to their rightful owner. There is so much room for the Courts in the Philippine to become more aware of the known saying “Justice delayed is justice denied,” and thus improve their Procedural Law.