Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Enemies From Within and Without

It is so hard to see or find anything really good, anything truly positive in having enemies. They are contradictions to one’s own good, present and future. It is already a big predicament and liability when someone is said to be his own enemy – such as by having insatiable vices, in having no self-control, especially so in losing one’s mind. When one becomes an enemy to himself, then it can be said that he needs no other enemy to be a loser, to suffer defeat. But if in addition to bring one’s own enemy from within, he still has enemies from without, then to be a winner is one huge challenge – if not a moral impossibility.

It is sad to take note of the fact that it is common knowledge that our poor country has enemies from within and without. No. This has nothing to do with the criminals that kill, steal, abduct, rape, etc., as a matter of fact, any time of the day, all days of the week. Neither does this has something to do with many public officials indulging in gross self-service at pocketing big public funds at the expense of the people who are hungry and sick, poor, and destitute. Much less has this anything to do with amoral acts and practices uploaded in the social media for everybody to watch – men and women, boys and girls alike.

Yes, this has something to do with enemies that threaten no less than the national security and integrity, the peace and development of the country. And they are neither a bunch of weaklings who should not be taken seriously, nor a group of jokers who could be simply laughed at. Their mere mention is enough for knowledgeable people to really worry, for the country to be vigilant. Who are these enemies? Can they be named? Are they for real? Are they but do-nothing weaklings simply craving for attention? The answer is neither imaginary, much less funny.

From without: CHINA is displeased and in a fighting mood. TAIPEI is still angry and wants vengeance. HONG KONG remains unhappy and not yet really pacified. From within: MNLF, ASG, BIFF, NDF, NPA, etc. Such is certainly neither an inspiring reality nor a promising future. This is why more and more foreigners do not buy the slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” And that is why travel bans to the country every now and then issued by foreign governments, are not really surprising. Even the optimists find it difficult to rejoice about the actual Philippine situation.

But then, some Filipinos are simply being what they are. They love to joke and have fun – probably to enable them to face hard and trying realities, so they say, “call a friend!” – in the spirit of handling a “Play Station.” It is an option that when a player is losing the battle, he calls a friend to help him. This is why – so they say – that a “friend” is coming to the Philippines next month!