Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beware of Diversionary Tactics

Although they still remain uncounted in number from all over the land, and much less is it known how convinced they are in order to stay focused and to move when they already feel that exasperated and angered, the now well-revealed big and long-existing national curse of the Pork Barrel System in the country, deserves to be well-remembered, vividly held in mind and ardently kept at heart. Reason: It is now crystal clear that sizable and impressive amount of public funds meant for public service and thus intended for public welfare, automatically and regularly go into the private pockets of certain “Public Officials” in form of private service for their own private/family good. No matter how one looks at such a gross malpractice and manipulation of people’s money, it is a consummate heinous crime – loudly and earnestly crying to heaven for vengeance.

Hence: The Philippines should not be this poor, the Filipinos should not be that destitute. So much direct and indirect taxes are regularly taken from their already practically empty pockets. So much hard earned money from their daily sweat and toil are likewise picked up from their little pockets by virtue of the darn PPP invention. Fuel hikes are fondly deregulated but their hard impact on the cost of both consumer and capital goods are strictly regulated. No wonder then that not few people are convinced that this Government wants to keep Filipinos poor in order to dominate them easier. So is it that the much repeated shout of “Matuwid na Daan” is now tired and tiresome. And to think that some of the right hands and close allies of no less then President are held suspect in the same Pork Barrel anomaly – under any impressive name or title – this is first class disgrace!

The expose’ of the big and continuous socio-economic evil of the Pork Barrel System has been recently and emphatically brought to fore. The popular disgust and repulsion towards such a huge and hideous official cheatings – from the local to the national levels of government – at the expense of the poor People of the Philippines as a whole, already enraged thousands of Filipinos as expressed in a Luneta gathering and other places. Other people’s moves are being held here and there, and still other follow-up actions are in the drawing board.

Advisory: Beware of Diversionary Tactics! Time and again, when big issues come to for – such as precisely the flagrant piggish and greasy practice of robbing the people of their money – there are usually other major concerns that are deliberately made to surface and brought to public knowledge in order to divert people’s attention to something else. This tactical moves of those in command of abusive power and in possession of dubious wealth in this country are neither new nor profound. Such diversionary tactics repeatedly happened before. It is a certainty that the same is slowly and surely place – to cover up and down the “revolt” against the Pork Barrel System under any new title. Beware!