Monday, August 26, 2013

Reformers: Needed

It is not a secret. It is nothing confidential. Much less is it a delicate matter. It is a long standing gross reality. It is long obtaining scandalous fact. This: Philippine politics by and large stinks. A big number of politicos in the Philippines constitute a deadly plague to Philippine society particularly in terms of the matter-of-fact graft and corrupt practices – to mention but the obvious. It is because of these incarnate deformers of politics and governance in the country that the loud and urgent call for Reformers has become not only urgent but also imperative.

For the moment, let there be silence about the failure of Philippine democracy as causative of serious and pervasive poverty, about the phenomenon that politics is big business requiring big capitalization such that vote-buying and vote-selling as an inseparable pairing, about the progressive increase of dynasties with much wealth and strong influence in taking over public offices from the local to the national levels. For the moment, let the proverbial “Three Moneys” – see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing – play their roles in order to set aside many other shameful and disgusting political shenanigans long since taking place in the country.

For the moment, let but the repugnant and nauseating matter of “Pork Barrel” – that cries to heaven for vengeance – be addressed. The ignominious system of huge monetary largesse appropriated by many dishonorable Representatives and Senators , including the illustrious President of the Republic – for personal benefits – has been long since misappropriating and devouring the ominous and ubiquitous direct and indirect taxes exacted by the voracious government from the millions of poor and few rich Filipinos alike, from birth to death.

Hence, REFORMERS NEEDED! There are still a number of politicians who are upright, honest, and true. Would that they insist and persist in rectifying the unconscionable, outrageous and preposterous waste of public funds – through the buffoonery of the Pork Barrel System. Do they work for its utter stoppage? Do they redo or redesign it? Do they find other ways and means to assure that public funds are used for public welfare? But let them do something to get rid of the “pork” and do away with the “barrel” – for the common good of the people they swear to serve. REFORMERS: Stand! Help! Please!

By the way, the Holy Book says the following empirical truth – whether vicious politicians accept or snub it: “Do not fear when a man grows rich, when the glory of his house increases. He takes nothing with him when he dies. His glory does not follow him below.” (Psalm 49) Such is the on-the-ground reality.