Tuesday, August 27, 2013


In conjunction with the abominable graft and lewd practices relative to the infamous “Pork Barrel” or sanitized “PDAF” together with the infected “SARO”, among the many relevant and interesting questions that beg to be raised and possibly answered are the following:

Q. 1: Why is it that COA selectively entered into the audit of the who, the why, and how of the porky debauchery up to but 2009?

Q. 2: Does that mean that the shenanigans in conjunction with the Pork Barrel System are non-existent in the years 2010-2011-2012?

Q. 3: Is the President of the Philippines exempted from the audit of his own colossal Pork Barrel which this year amounts to some 2 billion 7 hundred ninety and 1 million pesos?

Q. 4: With the multi-million hungry and homeless Filipinos all of whom pay indirect taxes at least, simply keep quiet and still, knowing more about how their leaders squander public funds that after all, come from them?

Q. 5: What happened to the multi-billion pesos Malampaya Fund regularly received by the government as royalties for the gas and oil operation in Palawan?

Q. 6: How come the Malacañang occupant who wants to appear as integrity incarnated, formally and dogmatically said that the Pork Barrel System is here to stay though stopped for the moment?

Q. 7: What will happen to those legislators who prove to have nonchalantly misappropriated their Pork Barrels, considering the singular ease and dispatch, they ousted a Chief Justice for but an apparently inaccurate SALN entries?

How does one react to the disgusting Pork Barrel anomaly, i.e. it is pity for the poor or anger for the conspirators, or both?

Is it true then that after the Pork Barrel exposé, it is with ample reason that the Philippines should be renamed as “Scamdinavia”?

What about the joke going around that the unbelievable wealth of someone does not come from Pork Barrel but simply from Pork Business?