Friday, August 02, 2013

Pope Francis and the Youth of Today

No less than the Successor of Peter, the Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church and the Head of the Vatican City State, found it not only relevant but also necessary to go himself and personally meet the young people gathered from the four corners of the world in Rio de Janeiro, in observance of the “World Youth Day.” As our national hero J.P. Rizal already said so long since that young people were the hope of the Motherland, Blessed Pope John Paul II was likewise firmly convinced and said it himself: “The youth of today is the hope of the Church!” Pope Francis wholeheartedly agrees and thus accordingly spoke.

“Pope Francis urged young people on Friday to change the world where food is discarded while millions go hungry, where racism and violence still affront human dignity and where politics is more associated with corruption than service.” Thus reported Reuters, AP, as carried by, 28 July 2013.

When so many millions of people from the four corners of the globe are destitute and hungry, there are so-called “First Countries” that have and throw away more food than they can eat – and in fact even hold regular shameful contests on who could eat the most at the least time. This is not to mention the specially prepared and canned food even for dogs.

And as to these so-called “modern times,” there is not only racism particularly in terms of skin colors but also in consideration of but citizenship. Moreover, in one and the same country with the same citizenship and color, there is also regionalism such that some people look down on others simply because of the different affluent families and/or destitute regions they come from.

And violence? It is not necessary to think of the Middle East killings of thousands of young and old people plus the mutilations of individuals both form the ranks of the civilians and the military. It is enough to think of the hideous acts of local violence in the streets committed by criminals. This is not to mention the atrocious violent acts done between husbands and wives, among the elderly men and young girls.

And politics? Bull’s-eye, Pope Francis! Politics specifically in the Philippines has become a bad word of one kind or another as it stands for graft and corrupt practices, for deceit and greed, for the quest of power plus love of money – for anything and everything in fact, except for what is noble, honorable, reputable. And the politicians? Never mind!

Youth of the Philippines: You surely have a lot to do! You definitely have a big challenge to face! You better start doing something!