Friday, August 02, 2013


Acknowledge experts in biology and allied sciences from the physiological to the mental genesis of the human person are emphatic in stating that human life begins at conception. They formally and expressly say that at first, there is the so-called “zygote” which is but one celled. Then comes the fertilized ovum upon the consummate union of a man and woman. The said ovum acquires a “membrane”, a “cytoplasm” plus a “nucleus”. This develops into an organism with trillions of cells. Thus it is that the zygote eventually becomes a fetus which is in fact a new life separate as well from the life of the woman who keeps and nurtures the new human being in her womb. Thus it is until the baby boy or baby girl is born into the external world some nine months or so thereafter.

Translation: Husband and wife make love. Their act of consummate love makes a baby. The wife keeps the baby in her womb. The baby is eventually born. The wife is thereafter called “mama” by the child and the husband is called “papa”. Conclusion: The existence and life of the baby begin at his or her conception. So clear, so logical, so true. Questions: If the existence and life of the baby did not start at conception, when then did it begin? Is it while climbing a tube leading to the womb? If so, why and for how long? 5-7 hours? And before that time span, is there no baby at all? Before the implantation in womb of his or her mother for some hours, is there no baby at all? And before 7-9 months in the womb, does the mother have no baby such that the baby only becomes one after his or her birth?

At his juncture, the following simple and sincere observations are in order – not only relevant but also necessary – for the authors, the subscribers and the practitioners of Population Control Law through artificial contraceptive measures and devices:

a. That no less than the President who publicly certified the legislation as urgent and who officially and openly urged the Legislative Department for its passage, ominously signed it alone one silent evening. Curious!

b. That the same President who has at disposal all the needed money to finance the Population Control Law, nonchalantly vetoed the “Magna Carta of the Poor” allegedly for lack of money. Intriguing!

c. That no less than the World Health Organization denounced anti-conception means are “carcinogenic” and wherefore not simply against population but also dangerous to the health of women. Disturbing!

Warning! The moment even but one baby is aborted – murdered – on account of the legislation, all those who voted for its passage, who promote it and/or who have it implemented are held accountable to the AUTHOR OF LIFE!