Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Heroes of Human Depopulation

Adolf Hitler is anything but a respected and beloved figure in the history of humankind. There are vivid reasons for such a despicable and even hateful memory for this person. Aside from his many other gross and even inhuman misdeeds, there is one particular villainy Hitler is distinctly identified with. This: The annihilation of multi-thousands of the Jews as members of an inferior human race. He has been long since gone and has returned to dust wherefrom he came. But the people he despised are still around.

The bad news is that Adolf Hitler is not alone in hating certain people and did everything to get rid of them. In fact, there are some individuals of his kind in the matter of abhorring people and of thus advocating human depopulation. But although they have all long since gone, human population is still around. Among such errant individuals, the following can be individually named (Cf. “The Gift of Life,” R.S. Quijano, 2011, pp. 13-16):

1. Thomas Robert Malthus (Dead: 1834)
He abhorred the “breeding habits of the lower class of society.” He advocated that the government should observe an “anti-natalist policy.”

2. Charles Darwin (Dead: 1882)
He was a Malthus admirer. Briefly, he adopted the principle that through the “struggle for existence,” the disfavored people ought to be “destroyed”.

3. Herbert Spencer (Dead: 1903) He became famous for his theory of “survival of the fittest.” He adamantly stood by his teaching “to weed out the unfit.”

4. William Graham Summer (Dead: 1910)
He held to the system that “competition” is good because such eliminates the “unfit” as precisely the intent of the competitive human struggle.

5. Francis Galton (Dead: 1911)
He stood for “improving the qualities of the human species.” This was to be achieved by stopping the reproduction of persons with “genetic defects.”

6. Karl Pearson (Dead: 1936)
 He advocated the “sterilization” of people with small “civic worth.” Such a “progress” was to be realized by the “eugenic process.”

 7. Margaret Sanger (Dead: 1966)
She called for a “stern and rigid policy of sterilization of persons” who were “already tainted” by their heredity.

So it is that even the present administration with its beloved admirers and favored followers is an avid supporter of population control – of the poor in particular.