Friday, August 09, 2013

Centerpiece of Socio-economic Development

There are more than enough proofs and indications that after all is said and done by the present administration in the past some three years, its existent, real, and fervent centerpiece for the long promised yet still brazenly undelivered temporal welfare and flagrantly unfelt common good of the people, is and will be population control. Malacañang fervently subscribes to the principle that the more people there are, the more miserable they become – conveniently forgetting that there are some parts of a continent in the world where there are very few people and where too they pitifully wallow in poverty, hunger, and sickness.

In other words, for the sovereign Palace occupant with the inspiration and backing of this blessed rah-rah boys and distinctly favored allies, the over-all big and fragrant, principal and primary enemy of the Filipinos in their very negative socio-economic development is precisely themselves. Thus, the lesser they are, the better and richer they become. This is when minus (people) precisely much wealth and when more (people) exactly means much poverty. Thesis: People are a liability. Population Control is the solution. Super socio-economic development is the consequence.

It is not a secret that even before the full blast implementation of the Population Control Law in the country, all kinds and means of contraceptives are readily and easily available here and there – such as condoms and pills, vasectomies, tubal ligations and the like. The government is using all its resources to and resources from foreign and local sources to promote and implement depopulation in the Philippines. And this explains why – notwithstanding all official denials to the contrary – Malacañang really not only wishes but wants the following:

The enactment of a Divorce Law. Reason: It is not a secret that in countries where divorce is practiced as a matter of course, men and women who get married either avoid having any child at all of have as few of them as possible. This way, they find easy to seek and obtain divorce as there are no children to worry about. Thus it is that a Divorce Law will be a much welcomed legislation as another effective means of depopulation.

The enactment of Same Sex Marriage. Reason: Without an intention of offending anybody but with the truth in mind, it is readily understandable that there is not even an iota of possibility that a man married to another man, as well as a woman married to another woman, would ever come about even but one child or even but one-half of a child. This phenomenon I another vehicle of depopulation in the Philippines and wherefore also much appreciated by Malacañang.

There are good reasons to rejoice that the present government has but some three more years to reign and rule – unless the Philippines Constitution would be changed in any way to enable it to reign and rule longer.