Monday, August 05, 2013

Anti-Reproductive and Unhealthy Law

So sad yet so true: The so-called – now infamous – “REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH LAW” is in fact a pitiful yet deliberate misrepresentation of the prime mover thereof in the Palace plus his closely allied and much favored legislators plus his avid defenders and promoters. Reason: The law is in effect not only against reproduction but also against women’s health – considering that it is contra the conception of children in addition to its promotion of sickness on the part of women because of the usual carcinogenic contents of contraceptive pills. This is why there are some people who call the law “Anti-Reproductive and Health Law.”

There are also those who call it “RESPONSIBLE PARENTHOOD LAW” – for whatever devious reason such as to neutralize if not to cancel the negative content and intent of the RH Law. But the truth of the matter is that: First, the phrase “Responsible Parenthood” has been very long since integrated with Church language. Second, the said phrase means the practice of Natural Family Planning leading precisely to responsible parenthood. Third, the Malacañang understanding and design of parenthood is in effect irresponsible whereas it is anchored in the practice of artificial contraceptive means whereby it is fondly said that the “sarap” (marital right) is separated from the “hirap” (parental obligation) in conjugal love making – something which is basically irresponsible and reprehensible.

It is not only proper but also just to herein state categorically and clearly that the Church emphatically teaches that couples may only have the number of children they can afford to nurture, to rear, and to educate. The contrary would not be simply improper for the parents but also unjust for the children. Again: Parents having children they are not capable of caring for, in fostering their formation and education – this is censurable. It is however not respectable but reproachable as well that instead of using their reason and observing the pertinent ethical norms in their conjugal life, mean and women would rather altogether give in to their libido unlimited by indulging in artificial contraception if not downright abortion.

One thing is certain: Even if the supposedly highest leader in the country, even if members of both Houses of Congress remain under his command, and even if the Supreme Court itself judges the legitimacy of the Population Control Legislation, the Church will definitely continue to teach Responsible Parenthood through Natural Family Planning. The truth is that even if all of the said Supreme Public Official plus all his avid political followers would eventually have to leave not only their offices but also the here and now, the Church will surely be still around to continue her teachings about family and life, based on reason and ethics, on faith and morals.