Friday, July 12, 2013

Truth 3/3

Irrespective of how someone is called or known with reference to his or her sexuality – “gay”, “lesbian”, “transgender” or anything the like – people have to give them the respect and deference they have a right and claim to pursuant to their human nature and consequent dignity. On the other hand, theirs is also the obligation to respect themselves, i.e., to act and behave such that they do not cheapen themselves by their self-demeaning talking and acting.

To be candid about it, men making themselves look and behave like women and vice versa are but victims of inner paternal or materials interactions and especially during their sensitive and impressionable early age. They are not exactly altogether triumphant and blissful for their contradictory thoughts and emotions as men inclined to be women, a women inclined to be men.

“Adults with Gender Identity Disorder are preoccupied with their wish to live as members of the other sex. This preoccupation maybe manifested as an intense desire to adopt the social role of the other sex or to acquire the physical appearance of the other sex through hormonal or surgical manipulation. Adults with this disorder are uncomfortable doing functions in society as members of their own designated sex. In varying degrees, they adopt the behavior, dress, and mannerisms of the other sex.” (AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION, DMS-IV, 5TH Ed., 1988, p.533)

To be someone who is not, to be somebody else instead of oneself, to be the opposite of what somebody really is such as in terms of sexual identity – this is not exactly fun, much less a bliss. It is already hard enough to think, to speak and act as someone should. Much less is it pleasurable to do precisely the contrary to what somebody really is. But all these in no way cancel the objective nature and ingrained rationale of marriage vis-à-vis the ground realities about men and women who are the principle characters therein whereas marriage is in fact and in truth for them.

Desiring to be someone else than himself or herself or longing to be somebody else than he or she is. Wanting to look like, speak and act, and to appear one is really not. Having discomfort for what someone really is, and delight for something somebody is not. These factors are not simply divisive in themselves but in fact divisive of the subject thereof – something that causes not simply anxiety but actual anguish. That is why those in such a predicament have a claim to the understanding and compassion of others.

But all the above notwithstanding, “Same Sex Marriage” is anything but a reality: They are “Same Sex” individuals but marriage is not for them – even if Human Law allows it because it is contrary to Natural Law.